Polka and a yodeling goldfish in Buffalo

Jun 17, 2008 | Posted in music

yodeling goldfishI was in Buffalo – the second largest city in New York – this past weekend for a surprise party.  About thirty minutes out from my exit off the NYS Thruway, the radio suddenly picked up a station playing polka.  Woo-hoo!  It’s hard not to get excited by the accordion, an instrument with the amazing capability of expelling single keys and chords while working the biceps.

When I was polka-ed out (hard to believe but it can happen), the next station up was broadcasting yodelers.

Uh huh, yodelers.

Some people might jab at the station finder impatiently, anxious to leap away from those Swiss Miss symphonics.  But after the polka, it’s easy to appreciate a little yodeling, which is when I heard “The Yodelling Goldfish” by Joyce Grenfell.

Click here to listen.

It’s a tragic story.  Apparently, not everyone appreciates a yodeling goldfish.

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