The End – nearly there…

Aug 01, 2011 | Posted in random

I have to admit that I’m not much of a gamer, mostly because the games I’ve played (e.g., Bioshock) may involve a bit of strategy and have truly amazing graphics, but there’s no characterization or thematics, no”big ideas.” And what’s life without thinking about death or the moral consequences of murder or hedge fund management?

But today I read about The End over at Wonderland (the blog by Alice Taylor, hard-core gamer and wife of writer Cory Doctorow). Even though it’s for kids, it sounds like something I’d like to play. As Alice explains:

I’ve posted about this before because it was a treasured thing to commission – a game about death and philosophy – and has taken a little longer to gestate than I originally anticipated. So, with pleasure, a trailer for The End, from Preloaded, for Channel 4 Education.

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