Our robot-ruled future (it’s not as scary as you think)

Oct 01, 2008 | Posted in geekcraft, robots, sci-osophy

Howie Choset with a robot inspired by the elephant's trunk. Photo: Jeff SwensonActually, it’s pretty cool. Then again, it’s not just pretty cool — it’s extremely cool. Icy even.

Most people have an idea of what a robot should do: it should serve us –- cart snacks over to the couch, rub our feet, make the bed. Kind of like a slave, which is when all the worries about robot consciousness crop up. Uh oh!

But the technology coming out of robotics allows your camera to self-focus and gets rid of pink-eye. It’s also allowing for better medical treatment with regard to, for example, prostate surgery (just went to a lecture on this last night, with video).

In fact, maybe someday –- and this is the most fascinating robot-related research I’ve read about recently — you’ll be able to pull a mobile phone out of your pocket and morph it into a laptop. Seriously. I’m shivering over here.

“Intel Talks Up Our Wire-Free, Robot-Ruled Future”
“Ready for the Robot Revolution”

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