I thought it was National Robotics Week already

Mar 17, 2011 | Posted in geekcraft, robots, smart girls

Today I got very excited that it was National Robotics Week.

Actually, first I was upset that I didn’t already know — it’s Thursday, which means the week is almost over — and then I got excited. I went to several robot sites and read about the latest advances, watched a number of videos, and it wasn’t until about 6pm that I discovered it’s NOT National Robotics Week. In fact, the second annual National Robotics Week doesn’t happen until April 9-17.

Am I too dumb to be interested in robotics? I think we should ask Watson because there’s no way he has enough data to draw a conclusion. Otherwise the verdict might be highly unflattering for me.

At least I spent some time today looking at robotics. And in honor of the impending fun-osity of all things artificially intelligent and robotical — humanoid, industrial, medical, even military — here are a few links: Instructables Robot Contest; IEEE Spectrum – Robotics; and Crabfu, my absolute favorite site today. This video is why…

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