Geek on the Cheap #135: Lilypad Alerts Butt Crack

Apr 25, 2010 | Posted in fashion-tech, Geek on the Cheap, geekcraft, smart girls

Coin slot detector

Bend over, come closer… is there a cool breeze whistling down your butt crack? Is the world jingling its pockets for change to stick in your coin slot? Then I have the Instructable for you: the coin slot detector.

Multimedia artist Amy Khoshbin has combined a Lilypad Arduino, vibrating motor and photoresistor to solve the (hopefully not sticky) problem of plumbercrackitis. The photoresistor measures the amount of light beaming down your foul line. If there’s light, we’ve got visual contact and the vibrating motor is triggered. Time to pull it up, baby!

Unnecessary you say? Just plain silly? The waste of a perfectly good microcontroller which ought better expend its cleverness to flash a cheerful sorority of bright whites?

Oh, I beg to disagree, my friends, lest you find a photo of your broad smile Flickring for all to see.

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