CES 2011: The Wootable Awards

Jan 25, 2011 | Posted in random

There wasn’t anything very interesting at CES this year — just lots of tablets, more eReaders, chargers, etc. Yawn.

Last year’s winner for me was the Lenovo UI hybrid laptop where the screen popped out and became a tablet. The laptop + tablet is back this year but running Android now, and it’s again my favorite of the show. But keep in mind that there just wasn’t much competition.

In fact, I thought the best coverage of the show this year was the Wootable Awards, which includes such honors as “Creepiest Innovation” and “Best USB Hub to Keep Your Weed In.” (If you aren’t familiar with Woot, you’ll want to be — see Geek on the Cheap #108.)

The Wootables are more fun than CES looked, that’s for sure.

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