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Why there aren’t more women (and men) in tech

Nov 11, 2014 | Posted in code, geekcraft, smart girls
I just published my first story on Medium! (Click the image below if you want to read it.) Why There Aren’t More Women (and Men) in Tech

Amanda Hocking thinks character more than Vonnegut?

Jun 25, 2011 | Posted in books & writing, smart girls
Amanda Hocking is that girl you’ve heard about, that 26-year-old who’s made about $2 million selling her self-published books on Amazon. She also recently signed a four-book deal with St. Martin’s Press for another $2 million (reportedly), which is why she was interviewed in NYTimes Magazine last week. (I’m

I thought it was National Robotics Week already

Mar 17, 2011 | Posted in geekcraft, robots, smart girls
Today I got very excited that it was National Robotics Week. Actually, first I was upset that I didn’t already know — it’s Thursday, which means the week is almost over — and then I got excited. I went to several robot sites and read about the latest advances,

Geek on the Cheap #135: Lilypad Alerts Butt Crack

Bend over, come closer… is there a cool breeze whistling down your butt crack? Is the world jingling its pockets for change to stick in your coin slot? Then I have the Instructable for you: the coin slot detector. Multimedia artist Amy Khoshbin has combined a Lilypad Arduino, vibrating

Geek on the Cheap #124:More TEI – Demos, Workshops & Kits

Feb 07, 2010 | Posted in Geek on the Cheap, geekcraft, smart girls
NOTE: I switched out computers this weekend and Adobe is not allowing me to reinstall CS2 (yes, I’m still using 2). So no pics this week because I’m Photoshop-less. It’s now been an entire week away from TEI and I must admit the glow is starting to fade as