Visual Language and ASL Skit Night

Sep 29, 2013 | Posted in sci-osophy

Visual Vernacular from Light House on Vimeo.

This past Tuesday, I went to Skit Night during Deaf Awareness Week at the University of Vermont. I've been taking American Sign Language (ASL) and I was curious to see how

It’s all about the interaction, baby: TEI 2012

Mar 02, 2012 | Posted in fashion-tech, geekcraft, sci-osophy

[TEI 2012 Video Showcase]

Last week I was in Kingston, Ontario, at TEI 2012 -- the sixth international conference on tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction. Basically this conference looks at the future of ubiquitous computing, asking questions about how

Don’t censor the web

Jan 18, 2012 | Posted in sci-osophy
Some of my favorite sites -- like Instructables, xkcd and Boing Boing -- and others I use all the time -- like YouTube and Wikipedia -- are a product of and are only possible in an open internet that

Geek on the Cheap #125:Last Bit of MIT – Quantum Mechanics Made (Sort of) Easy

Feb 15, 2010 | Posted in Geek on the Cheap, sci-osophy
Okay, this is my last MIT-related GoC for the near future. I couldn’t resist this post because a friend of mine is editing a book by Walter Lewin, the well-known MIT physics professor (emeritus) whose lectures plunk physics solidly into the realm of the knowable for the average person

Geek on the Cheap #118:Why Can’t the Past Become the Future?

Dec 28, 2009 | Posted in Geek on the Cheap, sci-osophy
With the New Year just a few days away, I’m thinking about time. Why must time move in one direction — forward? Why isn’t it reversible? Why can’t the future become the past? Because it just can’t, you say impatiently, already bored by the naiveté of the question. And