A new pet for a new year

Jan 04, 2012 | Posted in random, robots
Around this time of year, I REALLY REALLY want to get a pet. This is probably my best bet. Gracias a

Robot librarian, anyone?

May 23, 2011 | Posted in books & writing, robots
From GeekBeat.TV: “Watch out, research is about to get even geekier! Not only does the new Joe and Rika Mansueto Library at the University of Chicago look like one of the domed ships in “Silent Running,” it’s got a highly automated book storage and retrieval system. The public areas

I thought it was National Robotics Week already

Mar 17, 2011 | Posted in geekcraft, robots, smart girls
Today I got very excited that it was National Robotics Week. Actually, first I was upset that I didn’t already know — it’s Thursday, which means the week is almost over — and then I got excited. I went to several robot sites and read about the latest advances,

When Robot Programmers Get Bored

Aug 03, 2010 | Posted in robots
I haven’t posted in way too long.* So I’m starting off with something that requires little research or writing on my part but is fun, fun, fun. This first vid is from BotJunkie. Apparently those guys and gals at NASA not only build nimble robots but edit one slick

Our robot-ruled future (it’s not as scary as you think)

Oct 01, 2008 | Posted in geekcraft, robots, sci-osophy
Actually, it’s pretty cool. Then again, it’s not just pretty cool — it’s extremely cool. Icy even. Most people have an idea of what a robot should do: it should serve us –- cart snacks over to the couch, rub our feet, make the bed. Kind of like a