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Geek on the Cheap #135: Lilypad Alerts Butt Crack

Bend over, come closer… is there a cool breeze whistling down your butt crack? Is the world jingling its pockets for change to stick in your coin slot? Then I have the Instructable for you: the coin slot detector. Multimedia artist Amy Khoshbin has combined a Lilypad Arduino, vibrating

Geek on the Cheap #134:Women in Tech in Tiny Numbers — Should we lower our expectations?

Apr 19, 2010 | Posted in Geek on the Cheap
Sunday’s NYTimes included a great article, “Out of the Loop in Silicon Valley,” analyzing the reasons barriers still exist for women in the field of technology. Here are a few stats: women create only 8 percent of venture-backed tech start-ups they account for just 6 percent of chief executives

Geek on the Cheap #133:Does iPad Spell More ePiracy?

Apr 12, 2010 | Posted in Geek on the Cheap
This weekend I read an interesting article about the iPad’s impact on eBook piracy. What?! The thing’s only been available for a week — how could it have had an effect on anything already? Read on, grasshopper. In “eBook Piracy ‘Surges’ After iPad Launch,” the founder of TorrentFreak found

Geek on the Cheap #132: iPad versus Skinput — Device versus Surface

Apr 04, 2010 | Posted in fashion-tech, Geek on the Cheap
No, this is not yet another review of the vaunted iPad. Yes, I did swing by the local Apple store on Saturday to check it out: it looked/worked like my iPod Touch ballooned a few times larger, with lots more fingerprints. Enough said. (If you want an iPad review,

Geek on the Cheap #131:Scanning a Book in One Minute – Process vs Product

Mar 28, 2010 | Posted in Geek on the Cheap, geekcraft
How could it be possible to scan an entire book in one minute? By flipping the pages, of course. Researchers Takashi Nakashima and Yoshihiro Watanabe at the University of Tokyo have developed a superfast scanner that lets you digitize a book by rapidly flipping pages. Their system uses a