UX, wearables and the Razer Nabu

Feb 04, 2014 | Posted in fashion-tech, user experience
Razer Nabu Wearables were all the rage at CES 2014, the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. But was there anything truly new under the sun? I think there was: the dual-display Razer Nabu. It's not that the Nabu does anything ground-breaking. It tracks your

From electronic cotton to e-tattoos

Mar 18, 2013 | Posted in fashion-tech, geekcraft
Great little piece by David Pescovitz of Boing Boing: “Smartly Dressed: The Future of Wearable Computing” Here are three signposts pointing toward the future of wearable computing: Electronic Cotton Several university laboratories are developing transistors — the building blocks of all computers — that are literally woven from cotton

It’s all about the interaction, baby: TEI 2012

Mar 02, 2012 | Posted in fashion-tech, geekcraft, sci-osophy

[TEI 2012 Video Showcase]

Last week I was in Kingston, Ontario, at TEI 2012 -- the sixth international conference on tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction. Basically this conference looks at the future of ubiquitous computing, asking questions about how

Geek on the Cheap #135: Lilypad Alerts Butt Crack

Bend over, come closer… is there a cool breeze whistling down your butt crack? Is the world jingling its pockets for change to stick in your coin slot? Then I have the Instructable for you: the coin slot detector. Multimedia artist Amy Khoshbin has combined a Lilypad Arduino, vibrating

Geek on the Cheap #132: iPad versus Skinput — Device versus Surface

Apr 04, 2010 | Posted in fashion-tech, Geek on the Cheap
No, this is not yet another review of the vaunted iPad. Yes, I did swing by the local Apple store on Saturday to check it out: it looked/worked like my iPod Touch ballooned a few times larger, with lots more fingerprints. Enough said. (If you want an iPad review,